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Chủ đề: Cần bán gấp đất thổ cư Dương Nội oto đỗ cửa giá rẻ

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    Oct 2013
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    Cần bán gấp đất thổ cư Dương Nội oto đỗ cửa giá rẻ

    Chính chủ cần bán gấp lô đất tổng Diện tích 300 m2, Mặt tiền 20m và sâu 15m, lô đất vuông vắn. Khách muốn cắt bao nhiêu mét mặt tiền thì cắt ra nhưng ko bán quá 200m2 và tách sổ cho khách hàng. Giá 22 tr/m2 có thương lượng.

    Mô tả: Lô đất gần Uỷ Ban Phường Dương Nội, cách chợ 200m, đường trước nhà 3,5 m, ô tô vào quay đầu được, gần Trường học cấp 1 và cấp 2.
    Cách đường Lê Trọng Tấn 200m, cách đường Lê Văn Lương khoảng 1km.

    Vui lòng liên hệ : 0962.93.83.83 / 090.484.77.69
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    Nov 2013
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    Post Baifu beau

    How to match clothes are most temperament, I believe many people know, but how to match not only for you, to bring you the perfect temperament clothes Oh, clothing master recommended socialite wind romantic temperament clothing, easily create fresh and elegant Bai Fumei. Red bare shoulder harness T-shirt dress elegant atmosphere bare shoulder harness T-shirt dress, cloth is relatively short oh on the level, let a person feel to see very high-grade, fusion chiffon and silk, the same fresh and natural and elegant, but with some ladies charming atmosphere, with a hand bag is very good oh. Mauve Halter Chiffon vest high-grade goods customized thin chiffon vest, a strong sense of design, behind the exposed portion of sexy coquettish, shoulder design can perfectly show your elegant curves, slim waist design can modify your body curve, so that your body into the golden ratio. Package hip temperament Beaded Chiffon Dress Korea style Oh, slim package hip temperament Beaded chiffon dress, the back design is very sexy, party dress or when it's time to go to nightclub wear well, usually shopping with a friend or a date with my boyfriend, this one also can help you to attract the attention of all the people. Small fragrant style summer suit small fragrant style summer elegant suit, emanates ongoing Hepburn's elegant temperament, with a hand bag or small bag can be oh, pleated leaves hem, elegant and full of Princess flavor, sweet, black stripe embellishment added some stereo feeling oh. Elegant chiffon dress, dressed in elegant three-dimensional stereoscopic chiffon dress, his refined fairy style atmosphere, three-dimensional flower cuff adds visual impact, design of dress and chiffon translucent, sexy and full of Party Princess feeling, cultivating one's moral character can make you more perfect. clever with petite girls high become beautiful, fresh and sweet broad white band and natural curls, transparent wedge sandals, air in the sense of beauty is created. Match highlights: hair and chest lively curls with a bow of the bow echo, cute,mbt shoes, and echoed with the blue bag, harmony and unity and brighten the whole tone. Whether the lovely MM who want to experience the feeling of tall, come and have a look other increased according to different sizes of petite MM carefully designed! Part 1: Petite fullness MM increased slightly loose dress style, fabric and short skirts are three secrets Petite fullness increased MM dress. Chiffon shirt + denim mini skirt fresh water blue with light Chiffon texture, like a gust of wind blowing. And the unique design of the coat is not only to attract people's attention,boot shoes, can also be modified body, let the waist slightly plump MM also no longer worry. With a bright spot: deep V collar design without buckles, dilute the shirt serious, more sexy. With the head, lovely woman. Increased weapon: design a mini skirt + high-heeled sandals blue chiffon dress relaxed and delightful color, is the best choice in summer. Coupled with the lovely small bud hairstyle, casually make sweet show. Even slightly plump little MM, you can modify. Match highlights: European >about post: La falta de confirmación del chelsea heridas en tres semanas de torres antes de Barb • fali high-profile endorsement; America Pringle of Scotland Miss A simple beauty, no color fashion dress interpretation

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    Post Buy Canada

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